Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Client: Royal Challengers
Completed: January 2020
Architect: Enrich Creations
Area: 560 sqr

Tod's UAE Official Store Display Unit

TOD’S is a symbol of Italian excellence. It is deeply rooted in Italy’s artisanal traditions, with a wealth of values that distinguish its vision: a passion for craftsmanship, superb quality and timeless style.


At the turn of the 20th century, Filippo Della Valle, Diego’s grandfather, set up a small shoemaking workshop, pursuing the ancient profession with care and dedication. Driven by his passion for the work, Filippo refined his shoemaking business over time, elevating it to a level of excellence and passing his skills down to his children. These authentic codes of style and quality have since become essential assets for the Group and still characterise its DNA today.