Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Client: Reef Mall Dubai
Completed: January 2022
Architect: Enrich Creations
Area: 460 sqr

Reef Mall Exhibition Stand

Besides being one of the oldest residential neighbourhoods, Deira is a leading commercial hub in the emirate. Reef Mall, like other retail centres in the district, offers local and international brands. You’ll find premium products and at the same time, there are shops selling products at economical prices. So, even if you’re shopping on a budget, a visit to this mall will not go in vain.


Step inside this popular retail hub to find cosy cafes, amazing restaurants, fun entertainment destinations for little ones, dozens of well known shops, a car wash service, a prayer room and free internet. If you’re thinking of visiting the venue soon, here’s a handy list of shops that can be found at Reef Mall, Dubai.